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Pokémon Hacks

I'm afraid to say that the person who was previously hosting the roms has taken them down. For legal reasons, I will not host them myself. So if you don't have the games you want, I'm afraid you'll have to find them elsewhere, and I will not help you with this. But I'm leaving the page up for people who already have the roms and simply need help with them.

     Good old Pokémon. Despite what some people think, these games are still very popular. But one thing about them that is very annoying is how you need to buy roughly 18 games across three systems to "Catch 'em all", and even then, some like Mew are unobtainable without going to events. ...Which is where these hacks come in!

     My favorite hack is Emerald 386. It is just like the normal Emerald version, but all 386 Pokémon are available in one game without trading! Pretty sweet, huh? That includes all the legendaries, starters, and even the Pokémon that normally evolve through trade, like Haunter to Gengar and Scyther to Scizor.

     There is also another hack which is very similar, but instead of Emerald, it is a hack of Fire Red. I haven't tried this one, but it should be about as good as Emerald. It is called, as you might have already guessed, Fire Red 386.

     The next one that I tried was Pokémon Shiny Gold version. Like the name suggests, it is a remake of Gold/Silver with the new graphics and game mechanisms present in Fire Red and Leaf Green. Silver was my favorite game, [EDIT: it WAS my favorite, it no longer is.] so I enjoyed this. I haven't gotten terribly far in it, though. If you want to see a full playthrough of everything in that game, check Datai's channel on Youtube.

     For a long time after that I never played any Pokémon hacks, but then I came across FireRed Omega. It's similar to FireRed 386, but way better. I have a full playthrough of that hack on my Youtube channel.      So how do you get these hacks? Well, if you know how to use roms, this should be no problem for you. But if not, you'll need to follow these steps carefully. You have no idea how many times I've had to explain this to people on YouTube who have no idea what they're doing. First, here are the links you will need:

Cheat List (I'll explain what this is below)
Emerald 386 Pokémon locations list
FireRed Omega Pokémon locations list

     So... how do you play these games? Well, first of all, you can't just download the file and expect to play it immediately. That's like trying to play a game from a cartridge or CD without the system it goes to. So you'll need to download Visualboy Advance to run the roms.

     Also, you'll need WinRAR to extract the roms. The file(s) you downloaded should have the ".rar." extension. That's not the game, it's a compressed file that holds the game. So go download WinRAR if you don't have it already and install it. Once it's installed, right-click the rar file you are trying to play and select "Extract here". A new file should pop out of it with the file extension ".gba". That's the game!

     You can then use Visualboy Advance to play the game. Just go to File -> Open and open up the game. If you are playing Emerald 386, I suggest you also download the Cheat List linked to above. The Cheat List gives you several codes that allow you to have the National Pokédex from the start of the game and also use the special tickets to get legendary Pokémon like Mew and Deoxys. To use the Cheat List, just go to Cheats -> Load cheat list and then open "Pokemon Emerald 386.clt".

Completed Save File

     If you are just curious about this game and/or want to see a full Pokedex without actually going through all the work yourself, fear not: I can provide that stuff for all you lazy people. Can't nobody say that Jish never did nothing for the peoples.

     Remember, though, that if you don't back up your own save file or savestate, these WILL override yours. So be sure to rename yours or move them elsewhere. Alternately, you can change the "1" in the filename of the savestate to a different, unused number from 2-10 and it should still work. The number simply designates which savestate it is, since you can have up to ten (and they are accessed with the F1 - F10 keys).

Save file for Emerald 386
Savestate of the same thing (In case the save file doesn't work)


Q: "When I load the cheat list, it's all garbled up and I can't get it to work!"
A: The garbled-up thing is normal. At least... I think it is. When I first used the cheat list, that didn't happen. It might have something to do with the version of VBA you are using. But after moving all my stuff to another computer, it became garbled. It still worked, though. Dozens of people have asked me how to get the codes to work, and I always thought they must have been making some sort of stupid mistake. But I tried it again myself, and I couldn't get the National Dex to appear either. I have absolutely no idea why. So ... I'm sorry I can't help more with this, but I know nothing about using cheat codes. All I can suggest is trying to find the codes you want from this topic. And if they don't work, PLEASE don't come whining to me. I can't help you.

Q: "Where do I get the tickets to find Mew, Deoxys, etc?"
A: The Old Sea Map (Mew), MysticTicket (Lugia / Ho-oh), and AuroraTicket (Deoxys) are sold in the Lilycove Department store. The Eon Ticket (Latias or Latios) is sold in the Pokémart at the Battle Frontier.

Q: "The internal battery has run dry? What does that mean?"
A: Don't worry about that. Go to Options -> Emulator and check off "Real Time Clock". That should solve any problems.

Q: "What's this '1MB Circuit board' thing?"
A: I dunno. I don't think I've ever run into that problem, but I've heard that it doesn't really matter anyway. You can probably ignore it.

Q: "I can't figure out the controls!"
A: Go to Options -> Joypad -> Configure -> 1... and set the controls to whatever you find comfortable.

Q: "How do you save? I tried to save the game and it deleted my file!"
A: You can try going to Options -> Emulator -> Save Type and then checking off "Flash 128 K". This should work.

Q: "Some trainers won't fight me! What's the problem?"
A: I'm not sure what causes this either. Just hope that it doesn't happen to Gym Leaders or other important battles. For me it happened to Team Aqua at the Weather Institute, and I was forced to use a walk-through-walls cheat to pass that area. But other people have had it happen to Juan, the 8th Gym Leader. Again, I'm not sure how to fix this problem.

Q: "The lady at Lilycove won't take my tickets!"
A: This is yet another problem that happens to many other people, but not me. As long as you have beaten the Elite 4, you have the tickets, and you have the cheat list working, there should theoretically be no problem. However, you may need to resort to warp codes to reach those islands if it doesn't work for you. Since the cheat list is apparently unreliable, warp codes are probably the best way to go.

Q: "Where do you get Totodile in Emerald 386?"
A: Allegedly you can find them by fishing (probably with the Old Rod) in the entrance area of Meteor Falls. I personally have not found any, but they are probably very rare, so I may have just been unlucky. Personally, I got my Totodile from Professor Birch after completing the Hoenn Dex. It was one of the last Pokémon I obtained.

Q: "What about Mantine, Whismur, Volbeat, etc... where's that?"
A: The person / people who made the hacks apparently forgot to put certain Pokémon in. So you'll have to shark one or edit the rom. That's what I did, anyway.

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